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Ban and Vizard during earlier days

"The boy had talent, Vizard knew it very well. But he knew another thing, he would have to leave him to fend for himself one day. As much as it would break both their hearts, Vizard knew it was necessary to complete the boyf's training. But he knew quite well just how much more grief he'd give Ban. 

Years ago, he found a box that was sent adrift on a river nearby. Had he not gotten the box, Vizard may have not been able to save Ban's life as an infant. Being a member of the council of magic was not easy, even more so if one were to take an infant under their wing. So Vizard felt that it was best to leave the box on the doorstep of an orphanage. And that, he did. But despite knowing that the child would have a chance at finding a family, Vizard suddenly felt a warm paternal feeling when he looked at the baby's crying face. So, he financially supported Ban while the orphanage mistreated him. Every night, he'd deliver to him, a book he could read since no family wanted to adopt the "unloveable" child. When the time came that a certain family wanted to adopt him, Vizard wanted to make sure that Ban would be raised with love and care. But just one look, his magic sense telling him plus some research on the people, and Vizard convinced the orphanage owner to just let him adopt Ban. 

Now six, Ban had learned over fifty magic tricks from him. It was hard managing things at the council and taking care of a child, but at least Ban had a home and Vizard had a successor. One day, Vizard would let Ban become an officially registered magic user in order to use his talents to help others. But that day was still a bit out of his reach but it didn't matter in that one moment. Because in that one moment, Vizard was sure of and knew one thing that he didn't even need his magic sense to tell him. 

He loved the boy as if he was his own"

TLDR: Vizard loves Ban as if he was his own son.

The Watchdog and his lover.
"People could say all what they wanted, but their relationship was perfect. She didn't care if he was shorter or got her pregnant. And even then, those two things weren't really that big of a deal as most people make it out to be. 

So what if he was short? She found it quite cute and would love to tease him by giving him some marshmallow hell. Plus, it gave her some sense of dominance in bed over the guy. On his part, he didn't really seem to mind. 

As for the second, it may not have been easy at first but they found a way. He somehow managed to earn more than enough money to support their little girl and she of course, would always be there to make sure she was okay. Though, she'd leave her with "Uncle Clay" half the time. Her smoochy-poo didn't really seem frustrated about the whole affair.

A year ago, she gave him a special part of herself. The one thing you can't take back and if you gave it, might affect your relationship with someone. And now, they still do what they did on the day she gave him that special part. And dear god, did she love him and love making love with him. He never seemed to tire too. It went to the point all of their dates would end in their little love routine or they'd even spend the whole day in bed. She didn't care that at times, it felt like that was the only thing they were doing because it made her feel intimate and that he loved her just as much as she loved him.

She was not exactly a smart girl, but she knew one thing. 

She loved him more than anyone."

Hey! It's been a long time since I've uploaded anything! So have this drawing of a snippet of Drake's past, when he used to date Cath. 

About the long ass narrative, it's gonna be my new description style. I'll add a story of some sort to further show how one character or all characters in the drawing feel or are thinking...or just to explain the drawing. Also, Cath trusts Clay with their daughter since they're cousins. I'm gonna draw a part two, but focusing on Drake's perspective this time. 
Drake's boss
What exactly is one of Drake's many jobs? Well, he's the bodyguard of the son of the demon Beelzebub, the king of flies and prince of gluttony. Don't worry about his hair, it'll grow back...probably
I used to be a wattpad user. Why used to?

Let's just say I was the type of person who wanted to hop on the bandwagon just to look cool. 

I thought I could express myself through my stories without any bad stuff loading itself onto my shoulders. Well, I was an idiot with way too idealistic views.

My stories weren't like the usual ones, made by boy-obsessed hormonal teen girls with their fanfics about marrying or making love to their idols. I'm not saying they're horrible people, and I'm better than them, I'm just saying my stories were so out of place. 

Needless to say, my stories didn't have lots of views nor comments, even the funny ones. My friend would keep pointing out that she read my stories like they were trying-too-much-to-be-funny-and-serious, I felt so embarrassed. And while honestly, my stories had some lemons and smut in them, I was at least making the characters involved in these scenes actually feel some connection to each other (though to be fair, they were way too detailed, up until now, I'm ashamed of them). 

I remembered when my teacher (he's one of those cool teachers who chats with the class) said that wattpad was the worst place to start your writing potential, well mostly because of the bad grammar you could find there. I should've taken his advice (then again, I also had to take his advice in math, so I focused on that more).

To be honest, I only made this dA account so that I could be able to comment on stuff (and yes, also to see naughty art, don't judge me, we all want to at least once in our lives), I wasn't even considering showing my own art because I thought, wait scratch that, I still think I'm a shitty artist (what you think is up to you, this is opinion based here).

But when it became clearer and clearer to me that I wouldn't receive the satisfaction of recognition as an artist, I decided to go all "Ah fuck it, wattpad's useless, it's just gonna be overrun by hormonal teens". Even though I'm not really that popular here, I at least feel the safety from having my shitty stories being judged by people I know IRL (don't judge me for using shortened terms, it's really painful to type when you've been doing it for a long time without resting).

So now I'm here, with my bad drawings on display, at least I'm safe from the judgemental eyes of my peers.


DexterousDecarius's Profile Picture
I'm either a nice guy with a big heart or a cynical jerkass. Sometimes, in between.



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